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The Peanuts Movie Premiere

The Peanuts Movie premiere event in Los Angeles was full of color, life and many smiles. To welcome guests and stars alike there was a massive inflatable Snoopy House at the entrance which was over 50′ tall. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the beloved “Peanuts” gang lined the 70′ long step and repeat which came complete with an upper and lower brick header and white picket fence area. Equally as visually stunning was another 70′ long classroom facade adorned with all sorts of classroom props and traditional seating. The Peanuts gang certainly made their big-screen debut fun and inviting for everyone with several areas for children to play in. The activities in the classroom area consisted of cookie decorating, Rice Krispie Charlie Brown T-shirt decorating, and coloring.

When the guests and children at The Peanuts movie premiere got hungry, they headed for the McDonald’s sponsor area where they received yummy happy meals. All this delicious excitement happened in the 12′ x 50′ wall area which had a 3D Red Baron plane and lots of Snoopy house shaped buffets. The Charlie Brown house, which was a 10′ x 60′ foot long area, had a real snow field where kids could play. All the children loved playing in the snow area under the classic Charlie Brown tree. Also quite popular with the children was the field goal posts area, where the kids could practice the famous Lucy football trick.

The great skate race trailer game was also a huge hit, it featured all the Peanuts characters as racers and had the kids smiling all day long while competing against each other. When the racers were a bit tired from all the excitement they were able to quickly re-fuel at the custom food truck area and candy bar station. In addition to all the interesting elements of this event, Horizon provided a sponsor area complete with lunch boxes, crackers, milk and more space to have fun. Charles M. Schulz would have been proud of this awesome event production in Westwood. Just like the 3D animated Peanuts Movie, this 15|40 Productions event definitely proved that every underdog has his day.

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