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Wonder Woman Press Junket


Wonder Woman Press Junket

The three day Wonder Woman Press Junket in Culver City, CA was designed around different “worlds” that exist in the movie. The different “worlds” were set up to follow the sequence of film. The first world was Themyscira and featured a custom built 2,500 square foot octagon stone courtyard. The stone courtyard was also designed to hold the God Killer and the Nightingale pod costumes from the film. The second world was a 1914 Suffrages Department Store in London, an impressive 50′ x 12’ footprint.  Mannequins of Wonder Woman’s London costume and Captain Steve Trevor’s costume were on display in the window fronts.

The third world replicated the laboratory from Turkey. Combining Turkish design elements that were period appropriate, this world also had long communal tables with props from the movie on display. The fourth world was a WWI war bunker. Another 50′ x 12′ area had a custom wood and metal façade incorporating a myriad of war props including sandbags, canteens, ladders and weapons.  Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor mannequins dressed in suits of armor were featured in the war zone area. The fifth world featured the Belgium-Veld Café Burette. This custom café vignette and storefront were built with careful precision and great attention to detail. The set-up had worn tables & chairs, window fronts with many props from the film and décor from the era. The Wonder Woman Press Junket was a fun & memorable event to bring to life with our friends at Warner Bros.

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